Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Source of Light

First Premiere for Sensation White called "Source of Light" took place on Saturday of July 07th 2012. Attracting more than 40,000 visitor Sensation has become the most frequently indoor party ever. A annual house & trance energy concert, the roots are in Amsterdam in 2000 with one single edition. Than later is has now been slip up in two edition of Sensation White & Sensation Black. In 2006 has started sensation International, an international tour that is mend to be a equivalent of Sensation White Amsterdam ArenA.

Wet Republic 2012 Miami Deep House

Wet Republic Ultra Pool is a awesome cool daytime, with the hottest house music mixes from best world DJ`s. Females are fabulous with many strip experience. This party is organized on Las Vegas by MGM Hotel every year. Enjoy music and video.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Ultimate Team Up

Latest update from Tomorrowland. An amazing team up from a famous group and a famous DJ. Bassjackers & Yves V really know how to explode the party. Maybe we see this to many Electro concerts but this one is very special. The girls out there were amazing, they dance over and over, while DJ`s are performing they latest work with exploding beats and melody. It is called Bronx and is a really good track. Watch the video now and give your opinion.

Here you can hear full original mix from SoundCloud

Monday, August 20, 2012

Nervo Twins @ Tomorrowland 2012

It is their second time performing there and they are a bit NERVOus. The Australian Twins has launched their successful single "You`re Gonna Love Again" that is now available on e-Stores. Watch as NERVO arrive at Tomorrowland and get ready for their set, interview Like Mike + Dimitri Vegas backstage at the festival and ask some brotherly questions + more!

You`re Gonna Love Again (Avicii Extended Mix)

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sander van Doorn

Is a Dutch DJ and producer on Trance & House music. His work is amazing, while he has launched so far his popular hit Nothing Inside, that probably is one of the best house hit for this summer. Now he is hunting the DJ Mags top 100, to be the #1 DJ of the world. It is a very difficult race for Sander but we wish that he can lead the DJ list for this year. He has launch his new video of Mag Top 100 video voting, is awesome the way he present his work to attract the audience. 

Click Here to Watch Part 2

As we say one of the best Sander single is Nothing Inside (featuring Mayaeni), with that he represent himself this year at DJ Mag Top 100. If you like Sander and his work you can vote thought DJ Magazine Fan Page. Still remaining 9 days to the last count. Vote Now !

Friday, August 17, 2012

Most Famous Electronic Music Festivals

10. Melt! Festival

A music festival held in Ferropolis, Gräfenhainichen, Germany, not to far away, less than 2 hours outside Berlin. Along the year Ferropolis is a quiet province, with not to many colorful lights and music rhythms. But when July comes, everything change and the life it seems like is coming back at this little province. For two days music is hear from everyone who lives there, with thousands of peoples dancing on floor and celebrating summer weather with electronic music! The music that is played is described by the organizers as Electronic meets Rock.

09. Monegros Desert Festival

Is a electronic music festival held in Spain, in Monegros Desert. It features and sessions with different music genres like techno, hip-hop, drum and bass, minimal. The legendary annual gathering of more than 40,000 fans of electronic music of all styles.The multiple tented stages, and open areas attract an international audience to see acts from across the electronic music spectrum with the event starting at 5pm and offering 20 hours of dance music.

08. Outlook Festival

One of the biggest festival ever held in Balkan, present from 2008 is a music host holding all king of bass music. It is held in Croatia just outside city of Pula. Expect locals that are involved in organizing,
many of the attendees come from Great Britain and do much of the team involved in organizing the festival. We must say that festival rocks, because the vibe and the bass it is very loud and clear and the music is very wicked. The festival is growing year by year, and every year the number of fans has tendency to raise more and more.

07. Dance Valley

Is a annual music dance festival held in Spaarnwoude, Netherlands. First edition was in 1995 with about 8,000 peoples. But Dance Valley reputation grew rapidly both, in duration and number of visitors. It attracts every year over 50,000 peoples, when a record-break was counted with 53,000 visitors on 2005. The festival begins in July, 14 and it is not longer than 3 day. There has played many DJ`s from all over the world, like famous DJ`s and less famous DJ`s. This event is a pure music dance event, but as many Dutch events his roots are in trance music.

06. Sun & Bus

It is held in the island of Sardinia, Italy and is present from year 2003. It`s a beautiful place for tourism and many activities for entertaining. For a whole week music lovers from all over the world meet at this incredible location to enjoy heavy basslines and just simply celebrate life! The holiday was thought of as a break for friends and a chance to meet like-minded people. Today, this remains one of the strongest attractions to SAB with the addition of increasingly cutting edge musical diversity.

 05. Global Gathering

Is an annual dance music festival organized by Angel Music Group. Festivals are held in countries such as the UK, Poland, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and feature leading electronic music artists from across the globe. It is present from year of 2001 and has many traditions. The interest came from following the opening of Angel Music Group the home of Godskitchen. The organisers recognised that there was room to expand dance music from clubs to outdoor music festival venues. Armin van Buuren has called this "one of the essentials festivals in the world".

04. kaZantip Republic

Also know simply as "Z" is a electronic music dance festival held every year in Crimea, Ukraine. This festival lasts 5-6 weeks on summer time, and is visited by around 150,000 peoples also called "paradiZers". There is a tradition of festival that everything are colored in orange and yellow. It`s one of  the longest festival, craziest and wildest ever made in world. kaZantip is a "virtual republic" because over 300 DJ`s and 14 dance floors keep the audience injected with electro, techno, house music for about 21 hours per day.

03. Love Parade

Love Parade were one of the biggest music dance festivals in world held in West Berlin, Germany. It was active from 1989-2003, 2006-2008, 2010 and than was closed because of an tragedy, where 21 peoples where killed and more than 500 were injured, the reason is know as crowd rush at the Love Parade. As a consequence of this, the organiser of the festival announced that no further Love Parades would be held and that the festival was permanently cancelled. It was very popular because more than 250,000 peoples frequently this festival, and last years where about more than one million peoples.

02. Tomorrowland

Is organized by ID&T entertainment and media enterprise. It is an amazing place because in fact Tomorrowland is a Disneyland rated as the fifth most beautiful Disney in the World owned or licensed by The Walt Disney Company. It held in Belgium as an outdoor dancing event festival organized every year in the town of Boom since 2005. DJ`s all over the world came here to play their music and we must say that is one of the best house, dance, trance music festival ever. Like the Dutch equivalent Mysteryland, in place since 1993 in the Netherlands, it is a large, successful festival. Surrounded by a fairytale decoration the festival offers a variety of genres within the electronic music.

01. Sensation

Sensation is an indoor electronic music festival event which is originated in the Netherlands and organized by ID&T in 2000. For a period of five years this festival was held only in Amsterdam ArenA. Than later some other country joined the game in 2005, Poland, Spain, United Kingdom, Austria, Chile Germany, Latvia, Russia, Hungary, Belgium etc. Staring 2012 in the list has been added some other states like South Korea, Thailand, Turkey, USA and Romania. For 2 years Sensation was made up just from one edition, than it has now been split up from two editions: Sensation Black & Sensation White. Sensation attract every year up to 35,000 – 40,000 peoples in every country that is organized.